Path of Service Workbook

PoS Week 2 – Thoughts of the Week

Never assume that something is allowed just because it is not expressly forbidden. For example, an order to be respectful to all Owners does not imply permission to be disrespectful to all others.

I dislike loopholes. I like things in black and white, I know that life can’t be like that all the time and is filled with shades of grey, but I feel safer when I know what the deal is. In the example given, I tend to be respectful to everyone I meet, unless there are extenuating special circumstances and I make sure that they are well known to the people that matter and generally try to handle everything privately. However, loopholes are one of my biggest peeves, if I happen to do something wrong, I hate it when someone applies a loophole that explains a way out of be getting out of trouble. I hate it when a sub/slave gets told by their Owner to go to bed, so they go to bed but take their laptop with them so that they can continue playing online, when they know that their Owner meant for them to go to sleep. Another example of this that I have seen is subs/slaves going to events that they know their Owner would rather they not go to for certain reasons, and they go anyway because their Owner has not expressly forbidden it, or has used less decisive words such as “I would rather” instead of “You are not to go” or the sub/slave does not believe in the reasons given as to why that action isn’t allowed.

It is often said that slaves should never be proud. This does not mean that slaves should not gain self-esteem and satisfaction from the progress they have made and their accomplishments. The danger of self-pride in a slave is complacency. By remaining humble, a slave will continue to strive for further growth.

I am the first to admit, I have a problem with pride… I am much too humble and self-depreciating. So much so that it gets me into trouble with DW and G ALL THE TIME! Though I do love the pep talks and praise that I get before I have something to do that I am worried about, like exams and tests. I do get a feeling not of pride but of accomplishment when I do something, when I am able to tick that box on my to-do list, especially if it is something that has been on my list for some time. Which reminds me, G gave me work which I STILL have to finish, it has been a long time since he asked me to do it so I need to prioritise that while I am still on break from uni, especially since he has given me another task. But it is that lack of self-esteem that has delayed me getting the work done because I feel like I don’t know enough to do the job correct. I am always striving for further growth and knowledge but there is only so much growth and knowledge one can collect without it being used as a tool for procrastination like myself. But I am working on it.

Submissive Guide Journal Prompt

Submissive Journal Prompt 11/6/2017

Are you an exhibitionist? Does your body image affect how you feel about being exposed in public?

To be completely honest, I’m not an exhibitionist, or rather, I can have some exhibitionist thoughts, usually doing things without others in the vicinity knowing what is happening. But they aren’t something I see myself acting on due to my negative body image due to my weight, but I think about it much, the main thing that stops me is the fact that I dislike drawing attention to myself or being the center of attention, so I tend to avoid anything that would put me in that position.

Path of Service Workbook

PoS – Week 1 Writing Assignment

Name three fictional characters who would be good role models for an aspiring slave and explain why.

This one has been hard and has taken me much longer to write than it should have. Due to the fact that I read A LOT I have quite a few fictional characters floating around in my head, so it is hard to choose just three, especially since quite a few of the books I read are based on BDSM relationships. So I will publish with the one and edit it later with the other two once I can figure out who they are.

  1. Doreen Williamson – Dancer of Gor
    While she is a fictional slave, out of all of the Gor books, I found her story to be the most real. The way her story starts, with her having an unnamed feeling that scares her, how she tries to find an outlet for those feelings, before being taken to Gor. Once there, her struggle in her slavery is realistic to a point at least, it shows her struggle to go against what she wants to do, to betray people she cares about based on the order of her current Master, then how she deals with the fallout. Spoiler alert, highlight with your mouse to read it if you dare, she has a happy ending with the man who took her from earth, but while I do sometimes enjoy a happy ending, in this case, I wasn’t overjoyed by it. As it is, she is the most relatable of all the girls in the books that I have read. Which is why it is my favourite book. 




Path of Service Workbook

PoS Week 1 – Thoughts of the Week

1. A common mistake made by many slaves is the assumption that giving up control also means giving up responsibility. No matter what the situation a slave shares equal responsibility for any consequences – either good or bad – that occur as a result of consensual activities.

This has been something that has always bugged me when I have spoken to new submissives and slaves, thankfully, I haven’t run into it as much the past few years than I did when I was younger. Perhaps that is because I am in a different age bracket. To me, it doesn’t matter who you are, or what your designation is, kink or vanilla, if you CHOOSE to do something, then if something goes wrong you do share the responsibility, because it was your choice to go through with the activity.


2. There is a strong power that can be gained through surrender. It is not a power that comes from manipulation or passive-aggressive control over another person. Instead, it is a peaceful, internal power that fills the heart and soul of the slave who recognises the pleasure that quiet obedience gives and Owner.

I miss this feeling. It has been absent for a long time, but is slowly coming back to me with G’s help.

Path of Service Workbook

PoS – Monthly Practical Project #1

Your Owner has decided to add dietician to your list of responsibilities. Your assignment for this project is to prepare a meal plan for a one-week period. This meal plan should accommodate your Owner’s preferences, dietary restrictions and budget considerations. Consider how often  your Owner likes to eat the amount of food your Owner normally consumers at each meal. Your goal should be to create a meal plan that provides variety and nutrition while appealing to your Owner’s taste buds. If you are not currently in service, imagine that your Owner was just advised to start a heart-healthy diet.


  • Muesli with yoghurt and a piece of fruit
  • Pumpkin and Fetta Frittata with salad
  • Lasagne


  • Muesli with yoghurt and a piece of fruit
  • Chicken snitzle sandwich
  • Stroganoff


  • Muesli with yoghurt and a piece of fruit
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Butter Chicken and rice


  • Muesli with yoghurt and a piece of fruit
  • Greek salad with salmon
  • Fried Rice with egg


  • Muesli with yoghurt and a piece of fruit
  • Chicken, avocado and salad wraps
  • Spaghetti and meatballs


  • Scrambled eggs on toast with avocado and bacon
  • Sushi
  • Vegetarian Stirfry with noodles


  • Pancakes
  • Pies
  • Smoked Salmon Pasta with Chives