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Picture Post 8/7/17


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Submissive Guide Patreon

Submissive Guide is a resource that I have used often over the years, I even had a blog on the blog platform on there for awhile. I have always found the information that Luna has shared to be interesting to read, some of it applicable to my life and dynamic some of it not.

Tonight I thought that I would use my word of the year “engage” and engage further with this resource by becoming a Patreonof the site, only a $5 a month one,  but just scrolling what was available it is already worth while having. That said it has only been a couple of hours and I have been distracted doing other things, but I will go deeper into it when I have more time.

I think I may have to ask for an increase in my $20 a fortnight allowance, since I am spending $14 on Kindle Unlimited each month and now $5 a month on Submissive Guide. But we shall see.

Submissive Guide Journal Prompt

Submissive Journal Prompt 25/06/2017

What personality traits have you found to be the most useful to you in your service?

My love of knowledge and learning, has helped, it has helped my service over the years, especially when I have wanted to throw in the towel and give up. I am always looking to learn better ways of doing things and being useful. When I find myself in self destructive periods, learning through reading books, though sometimes more depressive as I often wish I had the relationships that were being portrayed in the books, or belong to the communities being portrayed, has helped bring myself out of those periods.

I have always loved being of use, I often say that if I were a car I would be an SUV because they are practical vehicles that have many uses. It is just how I have always been. I use this asset in almost my every day life, though if I think about it, I am using it even when I don’t think I am. I love it when I can surprise G with knowledge about his industry or one of his personal interests that he didn’t know, but one that I didn’t know I knew because I picked it up organically. It doesn’t happen with DW as much, or maybe it is that I just don’t get that same sense of satisfaction from it that I get from G, that or it has just disappeared into the monotony of our every day lives.

Back when I first started out, my slave name was talibah, which meant seeker of knowledge, I am still seeking knowledge, however as with my previous writing on the Thoughts of the Week post, I have found myself to be using it as a procrastination tool. It is one thing to seek useful knowledge, or knowledge that could be useful in the future, but something else to seek knowledge for no reason but to avoid doing something you know you should be doing.

Path of Service Workbook

PoS – Week 3 Writing Assignment

Name one limit that you have consensually overcome. Why was it a limit and what enabled you to overcome it. 

The limit was choking/breath play. I love breathing, I would literally die without it, however giving my breath to someone is not something that I was ever comfortable with. However, that said, I have overcome it as a hard limit, but only with G, he is the only one that I trust that much with my breath. It started slowly, with me putting my throat in his hands as a sign of my submission, but it also came down to the fact that he would never physically hurt me, at least not in a way that could end with me being permanently damaged. Over time, though, and he has been in my life for the last 10 years now, it is the one thing that I can give him over anyone else, but not just my breath, my absolute trust.

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Home Sick

I hate being sick, I managed to hold out for weeks while DW and the kid were sick, sure I had the occasional stuffed up nose and warm throat, but that was easily fixable. Until last night, I feel like crap and just want to go back to bed. So my plan for today was to rest, drink lots of fluids and eat good food… To be honest though, that plan was made AFTER I ate a small thing of ice cream… to cool down my throat, though I admit, having some of my lemon sorbet would have been the better choice.

So with the plan of taking it slow and resting, doing not much more than sitting at my desk, watching YouTube and scrolling Pinterest and Facebook, though I really should dedicate more time to this blog… I have so many unfinished posts in draft, I ended up…

  • Doing Laundry
  • Washing Dishes
  • Put a load on in the dishwasher
  • Reheated and ate some homemade Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Roast Garlic and Rosemary Soup that I made awhile ago and froze.
  • Cleaning out the fridge of stuff past use-by
  • Cleaned out the breakfast shelf of the pantry and gave it a good scrub
  • Made some Honey and Camomile Iceypoles
  • Cleaned out my baking shelf in the pantry, still to scrub it
  • Threw out some stuff from the general use shelf in the pantry
  • Wiped down the benches
  • Cleaned off and sorted my desk… It was a bit of a mess
  • Wiped down my desk, keyboard and mouse with a disinfectant wipe
  • Studied for my Managerial Research Methods exam which is tomorrow
  • And am doing a couple of posts on here

Finally having some cream of chicken cup of soup and toast for “lunch” even though it is after 3pm… I think I need to work on this resting thing. Though I have been doing the Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest scrolling as well.

Submissive Guide Journal Prompt

Submissive Journal Prompt 18/06/2017

“You can change no one but yourself.” – Anonymous

I agree with this, and I am often trying to change myself to suit the needs of others, however, this often leads to me forgetting who I am and often resenting the people around me when I feel like I am being forced to change into something that is against who I am as a person. While this is ok for some, it is not something that I am comfortable with most/all of the time. If I am not myself, then who am I, what is my purpose, why would someone want me if I am no longer the person that they wanted in the beginning. Sure we all change parts for our Owners, but generally they are only small behavioural things, and over a long period of time, to the point where we don’t notice the change happening and it becomes part of our self.

Path of Service Workbook

PoS – Week 2 Writing Assignment

What do you feel is the most valuable asset you have to offer your Owner? Explain why.

Most valuable asset…. My organisational skills.

Why…. I LOVE organisation. I love making lists, I love setting plans and making up routines and structures. I get an energy from it. My problem is, I am so great at the organising and planning, not so good at following through with my own plans. But that is an asset that I am able to offer my Owner, and often offer to G because I love it so much, just need to work on following my own plans for more than a few days and then I shall conquer the world.