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Picture Post 8/7/17


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Submissive Guide Patreon

Submissive Guide is a resource that I have used often over the years, I even had a blog on the blog platform on there for awhile. I have always found the information that Luna has shared to be interesting to read, some of it applicable to my life and dynamic some of it not.

Tonight I thought that I would use my word of the year “engage” and engage further with this resource by becoming a Patreonof the site, only a $5 a month one,  but just scrolling what was available it is already worth while having. That said it has only been a couple of hours and I have been distracted doing other things, but I will go deeper into it when I have more time.

I think I may have to ask for an increase in my $20 a fortnight allowance, since I am spending $14 on Kindle Unlimited each month and now $5 a month on Submissive Guide. But we shall see.