Path of Service Workbook

PoS – Week 3 Writing Assignment

Name one limit that you have consensually overcome. Why was it a limit and what enabled you to overcome it. 

The limit was choking/breath play. I love breathing, I would literally die without it, however giving my breath to someone is not something that I was ever comfortable with. However, that said, I have overcome it as a hard limit, but only with G, he is the only one that I trust that much with my breath. It started slowly, with me putting my throat in his hands as a sign of my submission, but it also came down to the fact that he would never physically hurt me, at least not in a way that could end with me being permanently damaged. Over time, though, and he has been in my life for the last 10 years now, it is the one thing that I can give him over anyone else, but not just my breath, my absolute trust.


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