Submissive Guide Journal Prompt

Submissive Journal Prompt 18/06/2017

“You can change no one but yourself.” – Anonymous

I agree with this, and I am often trying to change myself to suit the needs of others, however, this often leads to me forgetting who I am and often resenting the people around me when I feel like I am being forced to change into something that is against who I am as a person. While this is ok for some, it is not something that I am comfortable with most/all of the time. If I am not myself, then who am I, what is my purpose, why would someone want me if I am no longer the person that they wanted in the beginning. Sure we all change parts for our Owners, but generally they are only small behavioural things, and over a long period of time, to the point where we don’t notice the change happening and it becomes part of our self.


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